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Beauty Tips


Mohair Care

tips for yourmohair girls


Head opening

the hot water method


Wefted mohair re-root

for those who want a quicker reversable reroot

Pic 4



this is the place to see sneak peeks at dolls in the works.

right now we have SPOOKY GIRL

A customized Feel the Sky Blythe,

So far she has had:

  • her head opened in the hot water method.
  • full custom eye chips
  • one iris painted with a tiny skull,g;low in the dar,clear pink sparklyfoil,custom painted blood red
  • boggled eyes
  • eyelids painted with a tiny skull matches the iris
  • sleep eyes
  • 2 custom strings & pull rings

  • Coming Next:

  • full lock and loop mohair re-root in black, white and a streak of red
  • new spooky make up
  • full custom spooky corset outfit
  • more spooky accessories!



Don't forget to check Specials& Auctions every day, because we add a new girls often.

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