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Miss Candy Floss


Miss Candy Floss

Miss Floss is an original Noelle Hunt Custom Blythe doll.


She was a fruit Punch who had been previously customized but left unfinished.


Her face is sand matted.


Her eyes were already carved, and her head had been opened.


She had some of her eye chips replaced.

I removed all her eye chips and foiled all of them.


I gave her pink eyes a dark rim, her left glance is in a yellow, her right glance in pale blue, front chips in pink & toffee.


I gave her sleep eyes and a new pull string with two unique danglers.


I also gave her a double thickness of false eyelashes for fuller eyes


Her lips are repainted in artist acrylic, with gloss sealer.


Her hair is done in a wefted mohair reroot in pink and white giving her that unique Candy Floss style.


She is my alter ego and get photographed quite a bit.


~Please feel free to contact me with any questions


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