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Ginsu is my Asian Butterfly encore doll.

She was my very first custom.


She has the least amount of modification.


Her eye chips are :

  • Front facing: zombie cloudy white brainworm eye chips

  • Side glance right: pink foiled

  • Front facing: light purple foiled

  • Side glance left:

    Left eye blue foiled with dark rim

    Right eye green foiled dark rim


  • She has sleep eyes, done without opening her head (pervious owner did this. I rarely use it, and do not suggest this method as it tends to lead to the spring breaking)


    Eyelids painted in acrylic black with glitter sealer.

    New human wispy eyelashes.( although i think I will swap these out for fuller thicker eyelashes.)


    Her lips are done in a chapstick style hand drawn with artist colour pencils.


    ~Please feel free to contact me with any questions


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