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Beauty Tips


Mohair Care

tips for yourmohair girls


Head opening

the hot water method


Wefted mohair re-root

for those who want a quicker reversable reroot

Pic 4

Welcome to the Blythe Spa

My little spot on the web to show off the custom Blythe Dolls I create.




I have no dolls for sale at this time




Due to high volume of work I am unable to take any new commissions at this time.Please feel free to email me with questions or to join the waiting list

Ebay Auctions click for a link to all my acutions

When I have dolls completed who were not commissioned I will offer them on ebay.:) I usually have a BIN included in any price

~Please feel free to contact me with any questions


Don't forget to check Specials& Auctions every day, because we add a new girls often.

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