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Lola Kola

lola Kola

Lola Kola is my first Custom Blythe made specifically for sale.


"You drink Champagine & it taste just like Cherry la la la Lola! "


She began life as a Prima Doll Ginger, from the first Prima Dolly series.


She is a SBL mold.


Her head has NOT been opened.


Her scalp was cautiously removed with no loss of the flange, and her original hair was deftly removed.


She has been re-rooted in soft watermelon and Blood wood coloured Mohair, using the lock and loop method. Her scalp was then carefully reattached, there are some small gaps in the hair line, but only small and they are covered by the hair. Her hair line was rooted with every hole so that when pulled back there are no obvious gaps in the hair. The hair is very full and lovely!


Her face was sand matted and had new makeup & freckles applied using a combination of decorating chalks and artist acrylic paint. Her lips were done in prismacolour artist pencils and then sealed with a high gloss acrylic sealer.


Three of her four eye chips have been removed and replace with custom colours.

  • Front facing: blue natural iris chips, these were clear blue pupa eye chips .I hand painted the iris colour pattern with artist acrylic paints on acid free paper. They are truly one of a kind.
  • Side glance right: standard blue factory SBL eye chips
  • Front facing: bright green cool cat lined eye chips foiled with hand painted pupils (acrylic)
  • Side glance left: cola red brown coloured cool cat eye chips foiled with hand painted pupils (acrylic)

Please view pictures to the right for full feeling of Lola Kola!

~Please feel free to contact me with any questions

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