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Beauty Tips


Mohair Care

tips for your mohair girls


Head opening

the hot water method


Wefted mohair re-root

for those who want a quicker reversible reroot

Pic 4

The Mohair Care!

Your Mohair beauty is looking ratty? Well first of all PUT DOWN THAT BRUSH! Mohair is going to shed if you it no matter what method you have used for re-rooting it!


The rule of thumb for mohair is BE GENTLE! a wide toothed comb or pick can be used to separate the locks.Wet your fingers with warm water and gently separate the locks. try not to use cold water as it tends to make the hair matt.


Once you have separated the locks you can kind of scrunch the hair up to give it that kinky woolly feeling.


Mohair can be washed with gentle shampoos, or because it is in fact wool you can use "woolite"


Scrunching is good rubbing like you would your hair is BAD!! don't agitate the hair it'll get matted! Use warm not hot water


you can also just spritz your dolls hair with a mister like you would use for a plant to "freshen" the look.


you can curl mohair with curlers , or a curling iron on LOW, it won't melt but be careful abound the plastic of your doll. You can also straighten it with human hair care products( gels etc) and a straightening iron but again you must be extremely careful.


I give these ideas freely but take no responsibility if you damage your doll in attempting any styling you do on your doll.

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