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Head opening

the hot water method


Wefted mohair re-root

for those who want a quicker reversible reroot

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The Wefted Re-root!

I I've had a few people ask me,so I thought it might be helpful to just post it here. I'm also very happy to do one for anyone who wants it done, and is worried about doing it themselves or just doesn't have the time.

it's not super hard,just a little persnickety and time consuming.

If your using a cool cat scalp , don't sweat that it has no holes. You can just use your sewing needle to make the holes, a longer needle is better, but basically anything will work. You could also need a thimble just to save your fingers if the needle is being stubborn to push through.



Start at the bottom edge of the scalp I usually start where the part line is, but because wefted hair doesn't have a part it's not too important.

Basically you sew the weft straight on to the scalp moving in a circle the same way rooted hair is done.
I use invisible thread, but you can use any thread preferably the same colour as the weft. It's better if your scalp is the same colour as the wefted hair, but if you make sure to keep the wefted part close together it doesn't matter that much.

If my wefts look like there is a big gap between the rows I will simply loop the thread under the last row and pull the two rows together.

You do not need to sew into every hole (if you're using a Blythe scalp that has had its hair removed.) but like any sewing you want to keep your stitches small.

So you keep going around until the top is almost completely filled. You will need about 2-3 wefts depending on the amount, Cool cat I think its 2 wefts. When starting or changing wefts I fold the first bit under so that it doesn't have any of the thread from the weft hanging out.

Keep enough space at the top to make a small slit in the scalp with a utility or exacto knife, BE CAREFUL not to cut your self! Take a small piece of the weft which is not sewn to the head, and roll it into a tube, sew the bottom of the tube closed (where the sewn weft is) and push that through the slit you have made.

If its wavy like Velvet's hair just style it and bush it down over the rest of the hair, this covers up the top wefted bit quite well.



If it's straight like the one I did for WarmLeatherette, you need to brush it the way you would like it to cover then use a wet towel and a hot iron to fix the hair the same way you would for a lock and loop saran re-root.


A mohair weft is done exactly the same way but it's even easier to hide the wefted parts

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