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Paul Hunt_______________


With 20 years of Film and Television experience, Paul has a wide range of credits to his name. Starting his career as an Animator, he then moved into Special FX Supervision, Studio Management, Directing/Producing and Series development.

His work has taken him to some of the most prestigious studios worldwide. After a brief stint in the commercial industry in both Toronto and London England, Paul moved to California, joining Lucas film, (Industrial Light and Magic) in the initial development of its CGI department. There, Paul worked on such landmark films as “The Mask”, “Jumanji” and “Dragonheart”. Paul’s work on “The Mask” was nominated for an Oscar in the category of “Best Special Effects”.

Paul then went on to work closely with Peter Jackson at Weta Digital in New Zealand, for the feature “The Frighteners” and early development and consultancy for “The Lord of the Rings”.

In 1997 Paul relocated in Toronto where he managed the Disney Toronto CGI department, overseeing its growth from start up to an efficient production house. For the past eight years Paul has continued to direct animation, supervise studio departments and develop intellectual properties.