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A Brief History of Paul Hunt

With over 20 years of Film and Television experience, Paul has a wide range of accomplishments to his name. Having begun his career as an animator he expanded into FX Supervision and finally into Directing and Series development.

His work has taken him to some of the most prestigious studios worldwide! Paul graduated at Sheridan College for Animation before honing his animation chops in Toronto and London, England. Paul then quickly moved on to sunny California where he joined Industrial Light & Magic's CGI department in its humble beginnings. During his tenure at ILM Paul animated on such landmark films as he 'The Mask' 'Jumanji' and 'Dragonheart'. His zany comedic sensibilities were put to good use on 'The Mask', helping the film achieve the greatness that caused it to be nominated for an Oscar in Best Special Effects for the 1995 Academy Awards!

Paul then went on to work closely with Peter Jackson at Weta Digital in New Zealand for the feature 'The Frighteners' and on early development and consultancy for 'Lord of the Rings'.

When Disney Toronto came a-knockin' Paul decided to relocate to the familiar settings of his hometown where he continued his career as a Series Director. His skill and devotion to his medium has enabled him to lead many a great series ranging from Adventure Comedy to out-and-out Slapstick!

In addition, Paul graciously supplies his own pants!


Jonah Stroh Producer DHX :

" Paul is a great director - he brings a strong creative vision to a project along with the technical knowledge needed to bring that vision to life. On Mudpit, he wowed us with his artistic eye and great comedic timing. The series called for a lot of physical comedy and Paul delivered in a big way - I spent a lot of time laughing . . . a great way to spend the day."

Bruce Kalish (E.P. Mudpit) :

" Paul was my Director on the ground breaking Teletoon's project, MUDPIT. Not only did Paul deliver above and beyond any of our expectations as an animation director, he was also a vital part of crafting story and character for the entire series. Paul is a hands on director who is an absolute pleasure to be in the trenches with. Simply put, there is none better."

Demo Reels

Fim and Television Work History


Beet Party -    Toonbox Entertainment-   104 Interstitials  Teletoon -  Co -Director

Mudpit -    Cookiejar Entertainment-   26 Episode Series  Teletoon -  Director

Metajets -    Cookiejar Entertainment -  26 Episode Series Teletoon -  Director

Magi-Nation -   Cookiejar Entertainment - 26 Episode Series Teletoon -  Director

Skyland -    9story Entertainment - 26 Episode Series Teletoon -  Director

Weta Digital New Zealand -    CG Consultant -   

The Wild   -Disney -   Feature -   Story Artist and Animation Lead

The Mask -    New Line Entertainment -  Feature -   Animator

Jumanji   -    Columbia/TriStar -       Feature -   Model Builder & Animator

Dragonheart -    Universal Pictures -     Feature -   Model Builder & Animator

The Frighteners -    Universal Pictures -   Feature -   Animator

Bait -    Warner Brothers -      Feature -   Visual Effects Supervisor

The Enchanted Christmas - Disney -  Direct to Video -      Animation Supervisor

Blizzard -    Knightscove Entertainment -  Feature -   Animation Supervisor

Return to Neverland -    Disney -  Feature -   Animation Lead

The Ticket -   Roundhouse Productions -  Live action short -   Writer, Director, Producer




  •   2007 Gemini Award Winner - Best Animated Program or Series
  • 2007 ACT Award Nominee - Award of Excellence -Animation 9- 14

  •   2007 ACT Award Nominee - Best Website or Original New Platform Content tied into a Children's Program.

  •   2006 Pulcinella Award (Cartoons on the Bay) Winner -TV Series of Action & Adventure

  •   2006 Prix Jeunesse International Finalist 12 to 15

The Mask

  •   1995 Oscar Nomination for Best Special Effects

Enchanted Christmas

  • 1997 American Animation Awards nomination -Best Animated Character